Review: Shrine Of The Serpent – Shrine Of The Serpent (2015)

Shrine Of The Serpent 2015

Shrine Of The Serpent – Shrine Of The Serpent (2015) – Portland’s Shrine Of The Serpent (featuring members of Aldebaran) craft thundering semblances of terrifying doom, backed with whisky soaked growls courtesy of Todd Janeczek who is also one of the band’s guitarists. Yet there are additional vocals and guitar licks being performed by John Boyd, whilst Garret Hubner handles the drums. You can hear the early Paradise Lost influence (or current, if you’ve already taken a gander at the “Beneath Broken Earth” video) emanating through this slow but menacing beast, as it rips open your skull and lets the doom in for about a half an hour. I shall reiterate that this album only seems to recall the very earliest and darkest of doom/death, before the days of clean vocals, keyboards and other meanderings. Shrine Of The Serpent have made a doom/death record that sounds like it could have been made about twenty years ago and it’s a great appetizer if you’re still waiting for the new Paradise Lost disc to surface. My little review here doesn’t even manage to describe the thundering torrents of tumultuous doom in play here, but I’m almost certain that those who have been looking for the doom, will find the doom here. I get a lot of doom metal albums, but the infernal noise and horrid monstrosities lurking within this beast should more than wet your palette. Highly recommended for all fans of the doom, everywhere.

(3 Tracks, 29:00)




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