The Human Centipede (2009)

centipedeThe Human Centipede
92 mins
Directed by Tom Six

“I want my mom.” What is the dude doing with a shotgun? I tell you, there’s some crazy shit that’s always going on in Germany and people still want to go there? Oh no, the girls got a flat and none know how to change the fucking tire. Well since the phone doesn’t have any service better run through the woods and ask the owner of the creepy house to call for help. The doc euthanized a guy and buries him, then he brings home another guy that he had tranquilized in the ass. Doc gives a presentation of what he’s gonna do to the group. Oh sweet, he’s got an indoor swimming pool. The power goes out… woman do you really think he’s giving you the chance to get away? Why is the guy crying? His face isn’t attached to an ass. Here comes the detectives investigating missing people.



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