Review: Thurisaz – The Pulse of Mourning (2015)


Thurisaz2015Thurisaz – The Pulse of Mourning (2015) – Belgian progressive/melodic black/death (and I’ve also noticed bits of folk influence) metallers Thurisaz are back, and things sound just as beautiful and menacing as ever. The record certainly contains the structures that the band have been known for, but it feels like a more mature record and doesn’t really offer a whole lot of actual metal, in favor of more atmospheric and contemporary pieces.

We do get “Patterns Of Life 7:00“, “Rays Of Light 6:24“, “One Final Step 8:01” and the glorious, “In All Remembrance 6:49” which come replete with synth backed Opeth and Edge Of Sanity worship as well as a slew of captivating melodies coming from both the guitars as well as the keyboards, but four real metal songs on a metal album does not truly a metal album make.

So then listener, what does thee get for the rest of the album? Well, aside from the slight metallic nature of the two-piece opener “Longing… 3:05” and “…For A Change 2:38” we get the calm piano and melancholy violins of “Tangram 4:15“, the slightly depressive acoustic “Enslaved Dreams 1:21” and the piano serenade that closes the disc, “Stargaze 4:30.” Compared to the band’s earlier work, The Pulse Of Mourning seems to show a band that appears to be creeping away from metal altogether. They still do it well when they get down to brass tacks, but I just have a feeling that these gentlemen aren’t feeling it the way that they used to.

Considering their past work, I feel that the piano and violin pieces on this record are suitable enough and show a sense of evolution. If you’ve already heard the previous records, then you’ll realize that these guys have done some truly phenomenal things with the genre already and that they don’t really need to repave over them. The Pulse Of Mourning marks a rather gloomy outlook for the band, which seems to be a swan song for humanity in general. It encapsulates the same amount of dark beauty that we’ve expected from the band, just without all the extremity.

Click on the album cover above to stream Thurisaz, or watch their youtube video below.

(9 Tracks, 44:00)




2 Responses

  1. Kobe

    Who needs extremeties nowadays? Glad you like it… Perhaps try to grow into it… I’ll buy you a beer if you still don’t like it after a good listen…

    • Eric May

      I never said I didn’t like it. It’s great stuff, just not something I could listen to all the time. My friend on the other hand claims that it’s the best death metal album he’s heard all year and that’s a very thick filter you’re going through. This guy knows his death metal, and can’t get enough of your album. In fact, it was him who brought it to my attention.


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