Review: Wende – Vorspiel Einer Philosophie Der Zukunft (2011)


Wende – Vorspiel Einer Philosophie Der Zukunft (2011) – This progressive black metal album blends songs of cold blasting blackness with spacey ambient tracks. The heavy tracks are a mostly traditional sounding black metal with some interesting takes on writing styles such as discordant hooks/solo’s and riffs that seem to circle back on themselves. The vocals are a higher scream/screech that cuts straight to the bone. These tracks are not all blasting and tremolo they also have some dirgey slow sections that really help transitions in the album. As for the ambient tracks they are varied and interesting with great use of tones that are very conducive to meditation. The use of a pair of footsteps crunching through the snow is very strangely soothing. All of the tracks here are stand out tracks this an intensely cerebral album with soundscapes that make you gaze out into the ether. Get a copy of this and try not to fall too far into the abyss of your mind. (Eugene Martin)

(6 Tracks, 57:00)




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