Rotten Sound – Abuse To Suffer (2016)

The new album from Finland’s Rotting Sound is just as we’d expect, an absolute molten mass of hatred and monstrosity and hatred with a socially charged rhetoric that boils down to “this corrupt world sucks, but we put up with it.” Even if these guys do indeed, “put up with it” they certainly make their grievances known with this jaw-dropping monster of an album. This isn’t just grindcore, it actually has a sense or purpose and makes for an approach that comes of as in-your-face as is humanly possible. These gentlemen are clearly pissed about several things and they more or less want you to know it. The drums pound, the guitars rage, the vocalist screams and growls and grunts and groans and everything in between. This record seeks to rearrange your face with a soldering iron and that’s just what it’s going to do. Sometimes that approach is speedy, while other times it carries a bit of doom. These guys aren’t glued to one style, which makes this record so damn memorable. There aren’t any clean vocals, black metal tremolos or even hints of clean melody. The whole damn record sounds like a whirling tornado or piss and vinegar that is headed straight to your town in a violent fury of fists and feet. It is by far the literal action of violence as put into practice by sound. If you want to know what the equivalent of getting your ass beaten sounds like in the form of music, than simply put on this record and revel in the fact that you won’t be able to sit down for a few days afterwords. Rotten Sound fans know what to expect, and I can assure you that you’ll not be disappointed with this offering. Abuse To Suffer is literally some of the best grindcore I’ve heard all year, and that’s coming from a person that doesn’t really care for grindcore all that much. Definitely pick up this record, as it’s worth it not just in terms of brutality or violence, but in terms of ingenuity. I’m very pleased with the performance here and certainly recommend it to all those unhappy with life and their current predicaments.

(16 Tracks, 28:00)



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