Royal Hunt – A Life To Die For (NN Promo 2014)

Royal Hunt - A Life To Die For

“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard Royal Hunt, but it’s safe to say that they’re still on top of their game, at least as far as this album goes. The approach is definitely symphonic power metal with a healthy amount of bass, which helps it to thump despite the obvious orchestration. So it’s still heavy, just in a more refined sense. The vocals on the disc are fitting as well, flowing well with the music and offering up a slew of memorable choruses like on lengthy opener “Hell Comes Down From Heaven”. The guitar work is also quite muscular, featuring several mighty solo portions that quickly remind the metal head that despite the operatic nature of the piece, it is still a heavy metal record at its heart. The album seems to glide gently on its orchestral fare, producing Castlevania like Neoclassical soundscapes on “A Bullet’s Tale” and “One Minute Left To Live.” And yes, a cavity inducing ballad called “Running Out Of Tears” was stuffed on here with ’80s fare intact. Damn these guys and their catchy cheese!”

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