Sacral Rage – Beyond Celestial Echoes (2018)

Sacral Rage offer an astonishing display with this release, which I will state is ten times better than this review can possibly demonstrate. Not only can the frontman hit those Halford highs, but the overall amount of attention to detail, texture and musicianship makes this album really pop. It starts out kinda synthy with “Progenitor” and might even attempt to convince you that you’re jamming another album. Though the fact of the matter is that the high-flying stunts achieved here will make your head spin. Not only are the vocals theatric, but the massive amount of structures that I’m being hit with are at times mind-boggling. Beyond Celestial Echoes is probably not the kind of album that you’ll soak in from the first listen because of its abstract nature, but prog-heads and fans of traditional heavy metal should come to terms on this one. Well, almost. I will admit that this disc can be a bit more intergalactic than some may prefer, and the fact that there’s a great deal of acting in the vocal sections can also be a bit much for listeners looking for a classic heavy metal experience. However, if you’re looking to get your ears melted and to have your brain explode partially during the experience; then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Though you might consider Sacral Rage to be similar to Voivod, I actually feel that they have a bit more balls and even remind me a little of classic Anthrax. This is the kind of firepower that will make them stand-out from their Voivod worshipping peers, as well as the aforementioned decision to take the vocals in a far more theatrical and sporadic sense. I’ve never been the biggest Voivod fan and because of what I always considered to be a very sub-par sound, I haven’t been the biggest on progressive thrash metal. Though with a record like Beyond Celestial Echoes, I can certainly find life in the genre and would additionally recommend this to all fans of it. I’m certainly happy with this record and don’t even feel that “Progenitor” and “Onwards To Nucleus” are distracting elements. There’s just so much of a meal to be had within the tapestries of this release, that if you’re not full by the end of it; I have no idea what to recommend to you. Sacral Rage are only getting better with every record and this is proof positive of that. The band went all out with closer “The Glass” which gave me that fifteen minute tour-de-force I was expecting with Septagon. Oh, well. As long as someone’s giving me an amazingly grandiose metal epic this time around; I’m not worried so much about the band’s moniker. The Grim Tower highly recommends Sacral Rage’s Beyond Celestial Echoes as it is definitely a blast from another dimension, and that’s putting it lightly.

(8 Tracks, 48:00)


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