Sadhak – Sadhak

Sadhak - self titled

Sadhak – Sadhak (2014 SPOTLIGHT) – I thought this was a black metal tape rip, as what it originally appeared. But it’s not. Instead, we’ve got a quite depressing vibe here starting with the first of these two tracks, “On The Arrival of Man 9:46” which does feature some quite thunderous riffs as well as melancholy melodies backed with some rather meaningful clean vocals. Seriously, folks – this is good stuff and I was reeled in rather easily at the band’s ability to mix the depressing doom side with the traditional doom side, making a memorable little tape from the very beginning. There’s also a nice little solo piece that isn’t afraid to rock out. Hell, I’m even reminded of statesmen Pallbearer on this one. Sadhak let me know when you’re coming out with something new, as you’ve already made me a fan. Yet there’s one more track on this album before I start waxing poetic and that’s “The Perfection Of Wisdom 8:47” which doesn’t change my opinions about the band. It doesn’t seem like they’re trying anything completely different with the next song aside from some soundscapes. The effort here is very raw, but it’s palpable. Sadhak is so full of potential that I’m running around the room screaming about it (well, not really – but in my head, I’m going a bit nuts over the material.) I should mention that if you buy this album, you get an awesome shirt with bearded George and his book of unintelligible wisdom. Seriously, that shirt is so fucking mighty that people will look at you with authority when you wear it. So not only do you get an awesome tape, but a shirt that I’d wear all too often if I had it. Because powerful bearded old men are awesome. There’s no doubt in my mind that Sadhak are something to watch. They certainly aren’t “sad hacks” at any rate. Perhaps they should adopt a new moniker.

(2 Tracks, 18:00)



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