Sathanas – At The Left Hand Of Satan (2018)


At The Left Hand Of Satan

Transcending Obscurity Records

Though raw in nature, there’s definite grit to this one and I love that. These guys play a mixture of black and thrash, with a deep emphasis on the black metal elements, though not enough to overshadow several thundering classic heavy metal moments that just sort of breathe more life into what I thought was going to be a pretty run of the mill mixture of black and thrash. I found myself digging the grooves quite a bit, in addition to the razor-sharp rasps and old school satanic edge that these guys embody. You just don’t hear that anymore and it’s good to have that “classic devil edge.” Another great thing here is the solos, which you won’t catch much at first, but they really start to deliver further on in the record and that’s worth the price of admission for me. Sathanas aren’t something we haven’t heard before, but there’s enough here to catch my attention and to raise my own horns in the air. My only complaint here is that sometimes the guitars will get completely buried underneath the thick mounds of bass and the drumkit, but that’s a minor nitpick and shouldn’t affect your listening, especially if you like your records raw and natural, without all the studio tricks. Check it out at the link below.

(8 Tracks, 32:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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