Scream Machine – Rise Of The Wasps Pt I & II (2016)

Recorded just before a tragedy struck SinDelle De Morte and her family in the form of a rain-wrapped tornado where they had literally lost everything, this hypnotic piece comes off a bit different than some of the band’s previous material. I’m not quite sure what is meant lyrically here, but it’s an interesting little track that feels like a sort of appetizer to something larger. Two renditions of the track are featured here, one that feels a bit more electronic and “weird” while the other seems a bit more heavy in terms of industrial, complete with some airy synths as the piece switches heavily between hot and cold. I’ve never been more confused by a Scream Machine piece as I have here, but I have to commend the atmospheric approach attempted. It’s quite different. The band have since released another two albums, one called Savages and the other hilariously (because it’s true) titled compilation album, We Tried To Tell You. This one seems to come directly before Savages which I’ve not heard yet and will have to get to as soon as I am able. I will add that the band have finished the full album that goes with this concept, which I will be reviewing shortly.

(5 Tracks, 18:00)


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