Scream Machine – Zombi (2013 NN Promo)

Scream Machine - Zombi cover

“Released as a free Christmas present to all of her fans, or to just anyone who likes industrial music in general, Zombi is actually a full-length album that serves as the angry little sister to the jaw-dropping Cadaver Amatorem release earlier this year. This features SinDelle at an electronic best, with some of the best instrumentation that I’ve ever heard from the band and a production value that’s as crisp as any that you would find on a label. After a lengthy introduction piece “(Resurrection Incantation),” the album truly kicks into gear with the cold industrial freak-out of “Zombi” for which a very peculiar and disturbing video has been shot. This single track serves as one of the strongest from the band that I’ve ever heard, sounding much like Otep at her most ferocious while backing punchy electronic beats. Certainly, this song serves as a standout from the prolific artist who is already at work on another album. Unfortunately, we’ve got a few tracks on the disc like “I Don’t Give A Fuck” that do a great job in displaying rebellion and guitar influenced aggression, yet seem to drag on a bit. “Control Freak” serves as an interesting interlude that delivers its purpose quite well. It doesn’t take long to realize exactly what this one is getting at…”

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