Second Sun – Elandes Elande (2018)

If you’re looking for folky Finnish prog rock, then look no further than Second Sun. Not only is the album festive, but it’ll have you on a wonderful LSD trip. The disc is chorus heavy, but (as I’ve said) contains quite a bit of folk and psychedelic keyboard elements which will answer the question as to what the sixties flower power era might have sounded like in Finland. It’s also a bit better than some of our current prog rock acts here in the west, which seemed to have thrown all the psilocybin into the garbage in favor of modernism and what I’d consider to be a rather stale attempt at trance. You know, the kind of music that washed up hippies that were no longer interested in the culture would create. But you don’t get this with Second Sun, despite the fact that once again, it is incredibly folky. Maybe this would be the perfect kind of music to play for those Neopagan trip sessions that some people like to undergo while in the middle of a ritual. I’ve never heard anything like it before, so I’d give it a listen based on that alone. The Finns have created some really unique approaches to music that originated in the US and UK (you should hear their disco and funk interpretations) and I’m just thankful to see that they’ve got the formula right. Personally, it sounds more accurate to the roots of the genre than modern Opeth right now and is a good sign that perhaps the Swedes need to go back to doing what they do best (progressive death) and leave the psychedelics to the Finns. Elande Elandes is proof positive that older styles of music never truly die, they just go to Finland to be recalibrated into something profoundly interesting. Though not for everyone, the disc is definitely worth a listen at the link below.

(11 Tracks, 40:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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