Sermos – (Husk) (2015)

Sermos is one of those hodgepodge bands that mixes together a little bit of everything. There’s a little bit of death metal, a little bit of hardcore, a little bit of black metal and a little bit of doom and melodic death metal as well. The drums blast quite a bit, while the frontman bellows forth a very familiar sense of vocal gravel that sometimes enters into brutal death metal territory, or even that of post-metal. There’s also a backing vocalist who screams sometimes, and a guitarist who seems pretty much seasoned by his record collection. You can hear a lot of the modern death metal approaches (Hate Eternal, Gojira) here, in addition to thick doom riffs, which almost come off like sludge. These guys don’t really see any boundaries in their music and I don’t really think that they should. Sermos is definitely a modern death metal outfit that I can actually get behind and they’ve got a lot more talent than some of the major label acts that have been doing this for years. They very fact that these guys can transition from one style to the next in such a completely seamless fashion fascinates me. Sermos is the kind of band who would throw in a section of clean vocals just to go back to grueling death metal and top it off with some black metal and maybe a dash of sludge. These guys don’t care about alienating people and approach their music with a real sense of purpose and passion. They make for the kind of concerts that attract all types of metalheads and break apart faux elitist rubrics, flushing them down the toilet like old fecal matter. Definitely give (Husk) a listen.


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