Interview with Hiram Lohr (Vocals/Guitar/Bass)

Having left behind the ice-cold frosts of Alaska, former Thousand Year War band member Hiram Lohr moved out to the scorching heat of Mexico, where he recorded this rather intriguing mix of punk,black metal and so much more. I spoke with him about the new disc as well as the mystery of Lord Alcohol. We also discussed PC  gaming where I found myself searching Myth as I’d never heard of it. You learn new things everyday. 

TGT: Let me just start by saying that judging from the band’s name and the song titles, the musical approach here is completely unexpected. The songs are heavily melodic and hardly feel like the kind of blackened punk I would’ve expected. It’s actually quite killer! So tell me, how did all of this begin and why did you pick the name Sex Dumpster?

Hiram Lohr: I appreciate that! So this project spawned from the band Thousand Year War. That was sort of melodic black metal, and me and the original member had parted ways, so I start to feel like that band needed to end with the original name. I started to write much differently and a friend from work described our job as a sex dumpster. I instantly said, “Holy Fuck, that’s the new band name!”

I noticed a cover of G. G. Allin’s “I Kill Everything I Fuck” here, which made me think that this was going to be even more of a blackened/punk experience. G. G. Allin was known for being an insane showman, the farthest thing from proper and politically correct. I’m starting to think that this kind of thing has become a dead art, because of the rise of censorship in western society. Do you think that we could have a performer like G.G. Allin in the rock scene today? Or is it just too jam-packed with political opinions?

In my opinion GG was the real raw fuckin’ deal. That’s why I’ve always been such a fan. No glamour, no big labels, tour support, just pure hatred, drug use, violence, fear, dark humor, and expression against a fucked up shallow society. The rock scene today is comfortable. Even in black metal so much of it is a goddamn Disney show. The promoters, pyrotechnics, attention grabbing faggotry. Fuck the beliefs, and politics. I don’t think there can be another GG.

Listening to the record a second time, I have to ask about your influences here. “Ivar The Boneless” for instance, is a heavily melodic cut that I just wouldn’t have expected at first (though now I know that the album is full of great guitar and synth melodies, reminding me of early Meads Of Asphodel), meaning that you must draw from a large amount of sources. Tell me a little about that.

I do draw from a lot of sources. Glad you picked up on that. I don’t really care what anybody thinks about my art, so when I get in a certain mood and write, that’s how it’s going to be. If someone doesn’t like that, they can fuck off and who cares. No love lost. It might be completely different from the other songs, but it’s still going to be there. I like to write a lot of hooks. I’m not really a guitarist, but more of a song writer. I like atmosphere. The next album I’m working on though the songs do sound very much in the same genre. It’s all pretty fucking dark, and maybe that’s because I wrote it all in winter.

After reading the press info here, I’ve really got to know. Who is this Lord Alcohol? Would he go well with a glass of Dr. Pepper?

Lord Alcohol is my God. I don’t play sports, I don’t go to church, and I just don’t believe in anything really. The only thing that’s real to me is getting fucked up. So my holy temple is a dirty bar with other scumbag genuine alcoholics. We worship the Lord of Alcohol, God of the outcasts. Scumfucks with no real place in a fake society. He would go well with a flaming Dr. Pepper. (Winks)

It is very easy for people to get sucked into the world of social media and become blinded by the TV, as you’ve referenced. Entertainment is a good thing, but do you think that we’ve allowed ourselves to become too entertained?

Yeah, definitely. Everyone is being mind fucked by the constant use of gadgets. People are crying out for real experiences, but instead they are living through other people’s lives. Constant news updates, social media, twitter. It’s fucking sickening. And everyone is so goddamn important now. Look at me! Look at my status update!!! Fuck you! Have some real life experience without bragging about it and telling the world. Just be a real goddamn human being, put your piece of shit gadget away, and be the worthless parasite you were meant to be. Be born, and die fuckers, just like the wild animals. Do what they do.

Obviously, we mix music and geek culture here on The Grim Tower, so we want to know what kinds of things you gentlemen geek out on. These don’t necessarily have to be music, movies, games or books, but anything that you devote a ridiculous amount of time to aside from music – we know you’re music geeks already.

Drinking is my hobby, my sport. I am a professional bartender, so I put a lot of time into that to be honest. Even when I am not working I am learning new drinks, techniques. Pretty wrapped up in my career I guess. I do play some Starcraft and The Witcher. I’ve been a strict PC gamer for a long time now. Like, since the days of the original Myth and Warcraft. That’s like twenty years maybe. (Laughs) But I really don’t play that much any more. I try to leave a lot of time for music.

I have to say, this is one incredible album. I love the melodies, the synths, the chants and the attention to detail necessary for it to fit the mold of black metal, though it is not afraid to break free from that mold. I really hope this project continues as it’s fucking awesome. Keep making great tunes like these, gentlemen. You’ve got a fan here!

I thank you from the bottom of the black alcoholic hardened arteries that make up my heart! It makes me happy to have genuine fans and people who have interest in the music and get something from it. I don’t want to be just another metal band where people just mindlessly listen to because it’s “extreme.” If you get something from it or it makes you think and challenges how you think, then I am grateful. Cheers!


Lord Alcohol


The debut album from Sex Dumpster is nothing short of intriguing. Fans of raw, experimental acts like The Meads of Asphodel and Sigh might definitely find something here – but it isn’t quite THAT experimental. Needless to say, the songs do deviate well from each other and provide the listener with a very unique and comprehensive, though identifiable package. Additionally, songs like “Ivar The Boneless” and the title cut feature a great deal of melody, which isn’t completely inspired by Norwegian folk. The title cut for instance, feels more like a sort of medieval tune, more or less inspired by Lohr’s gaming roots. But I’d simply prefer nothing less, as this is just the kind of record that feels as if the artist truly got his say. It may not appeal to all black metal fans, nor should it – but for what it does within the synth and melody compositions, I feel that something great is truly emerging here. I daresay that if this style continues, we might be looking at the next Meads Of Asphodel. That being said, I don’t really notice much of a punk flair for the album, sans the obvious exception in the G. G. Allin cover of “I Kill Everything I Fuck.” That doesn’t bother me though, as I was afraid that Sex Dumpster was going to be nothing more than a blackened punk album, and I’ve heard that schtick so many times that it just goes in one ear and out the other. I’m extremely pleased that what we’re getting here is an entirely memorable disc with so many different musical facets wrapped around the base structure of black metal, that it will warrant many listens. It runs clean at a full forty-six minutes of playing time and doesn’t feel like it needed any extra bonus tracks or the like. Whatever Lohr finished this winter needs to release completely separate from this.

Again, the disc is a bit raw, but I have no objections to this as it preserves the classic sound and warmth of the genre (despite black metal being referred to as quite cold back in the day). I’m even reminded of classic Primordial in some instances (definitely a catalogue worth dipping back into if you haven’t – you’ll thank me) and that is a sound seldom heard in this genre now. There’s a reason the band got so damned popular folks, as no one was offering that kind of style, which I can wholly compare to what I’m hearing here with Sex Dumpster. The album features one other musician in addition to Lohr, the act’s drummer Grega Plamberger. Plamberger keeps the ship afloat, providing a variety of compositions that deviate as much as the album itself – yet there are some definite blasts here and there to be found, along with some sharp hits during “Fist Fucking Motherfucker” which almost bring a level of groove into the project. Sex Dumpster is definitely that kind of raw, lewd act that millennial social justice types and religious nuts might shun you away from, but it’s good to see that this style of music can still be preserved and displayed in all of it’s unhinged fury. Don’t let people turn you away from the band due to their name, which isn’t honestly as deranged as that of numerous technical brutal death monikers out there. Lord Alcohol isn’t just sleazy, it’s absolutely fucking beautiful. My ears want more.

(10 Tracks, 46:00)


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