Siaskel – Haruwen Aiwen (2016)

These Chilean black/deathers perform their lyrics in both Spanish and the “ona” language, which is a dialect of an indigenous people called the Selk’nam. The music here feels as largely black as it does of ripping death, melding both approaches together perfectly to make for a strong recording that comes off with a rather terrifying and furious sound. Sinn Hayek’s drums feel a major part of this performance, keeping the speedy pace as Ma’hai Jippen’s leads more or less decorate the dirty bits with unexpected clean melodies. Siaskel are more interested in ripping off your face than anything else though, so you already know what kind of thing to expect here. Not even one track on this recording features a different approach aside from hard-hitting brutality or that of deadly frost-bitten tremolos. I don’t even recall hearing any subtle acoustics and certainly no clean vocals, whether they be male or female. If you’re looking for some dark and heavy shit, then look no further than this record, which really speaks for itself. As I was going down the line of releases, I noticed that Siaskel actually sound like a solid enough act and were well worth promoting. The drumming here has to be better than most of the haphazard approaches I’d heard in about three or four other black metal records prior, so that’s a relief.

(7 Tracks, 40:00)



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