Sinocence – No Gods, No Masters Volume II EP (2015)

Ireland’s Sinocence are back with the other half of No Gods, No Masters and it very much continues the same flow as the previous EP. The band are still thrashing more than ever and there’s still some of that prog rock flowing from their Scar Obscura effort, so it’s arguably a fight between metallic thrash and progressive hard rock. I still believe that Sinocence are one of the best rock acts coming out of Ireland and they’ve got so much to deliver that it could go worldwide if they ever found the right distribution deal. There are just five songs on the recording, but they’re far longer than mere 3:30 radio cuts and utilize that time to offer more than the verse/chorus structure that you’d hear with the majority of modern radio rock these days. Even ballad, “Valorous” (5:42) manages to go over that radio standard, as it too observes a much heavier portion in lieu of Metallica’s classic “One.” But “Ascension Code” is where it really takes off, as Mono’s slightly sorrowful, yet passionate vocal approach really steals the show, especially during the chorus. Then of course, we have greater moments in the song where more experimentation is utilized, though not enough to turn people who don’t like prog that much completely off. Sinocence has always been able to perform a delicate balancing act in this regard which results in a record that is accessible, yet vibrant. Each song here offers more, more as featured by standout “Slavery By Consent” (5:23) which almost hit’s “Occam’s Razors” territory for me. It goes without saying that had this been a full record combined with the first portion, the latter cut would be the album standout by far (I’ve listened to it well over a dozen times) but since that is not the case, the potency of “Slavery By Consent” will have to do. Sinocence still make a proggy vein of thrash and rock that’s easy to get into, and it really should be much higher on the rock charts than it is. These guys are way more talented than radio hogs like Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach and even Disturbed who have gotten much weaker since their latest effort. More rock fans should be listening to this one and perhaps the music will get out there to the fans who will listen. Many bands do a similar style of music, but no one on this fucking planet does it with as much muscularity and form as Sinocence. No one.


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