Siorai Geimhreadh – Sitting Patiently (2018)

Absolute insanity seems to ensue from this one, which sounds like a band playing while inside of a giant slime. You know, like from those classic RPG titles. Later in the listen, the record seems to bring about a sort of sludge feel and even manages a few experimental takes within the drumming that feel reminiscent of prog metal. I’m not quite sure what exactly is being done with the guitar here, but it’s certainly interesting and I hope that the instrument fared well after the performance. I’m not truly sure if this is a demo, a live performance or just some awkward meandering that got recorded, but it certainly kept me awake as the sun begins to set.The whole album also has a sort of “I think I heard” vibe to it, which makes me question whether or not a heard a strangled saxophone or the sounds of an outright windstorm. The slower second half of the album also seems to puzzle me and I’m not really sure why the sporadity of this recording slowed to a crawl. It’s like being on ecstasy and has a very hard come down. I’m not sure what to think of the entire performance, to be honest – but maybe after some fine tuning there will be an act worth mentioning. For now though, I have literally no idea what this is supposed to be.

(1 Track, 36:00)




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