Skull Fist – Way Of The Road (2018)

While not all that long, Skull Fist have returned with yet another trip back in time, to the golden age of heavy metal music. The record also packs the same amount of heat and warmth that we’d expect from the good old days, yet contains a raw performance that feels natural in a world so populated with computer dominated recordings. Sometimes that might even make the vocals a bit hard to hear, but back in the early days of metal not everything was crystal clear and you had to work at discerning the vocals. Keep in mind that this was also before the days of extreme metal, where you often really had to work at discerning the vocals. Suffice it to say, these guys managed to give us a few slivers of classic power metal, a few eighties hair anthems and most of all – some tasty riffs. It often becomes apparent in my age that many new bands have forgotten the most basic of measures in this kind of music, and in all of the completely baseless technical wizardry, they’ve forgotten what made this music such a viable option when it first debuted into the mainstream over forty years ago. Trust me, if you’re looking for the sound of actual heavy metal music, the way that grandma used to make it; when you’d turn your speakers up to eleven and shout at the devil while reciting the number of the beast, then this is what Skull Fist deliver. They’ve brought back the classics, without all that hairspray.

(8 Tracks, 37:00)


Purchase HERE (Noise Art)



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