Slaegt – Beautiful and Damned EP (2016)

Slaegt seem to combine a bustling and slightly progressive metal nature with a harsh vocal rasp that delivers in both melody and musicianship. The frontman’s vocal approach is quite powerful, recalling Carcass (as the record itself reminds me a little bit of current Carcass) except for the fact that it’s less punchy. These guys don’t necessarily make the heaviest kind of death metal, but I don’t believe that was their goal either. Most of these compositions seem more intelligent than brain-splattering, with only the vocal edge bringing in the notion of death metal. I suppose as we go on, the riffs become a little more threatening; but these guys are obviously more interested in writing riffs and melodies (not to mention godlike solo efforts) than trudging through the same old death metal mainstays. I suppose the title track “7:50” is the album’s darkest cut, but right before that is a calm little acoustic piece called “Church of The Night” (2:39). At the end of the day, Beautiful and Damned definitely seems to be just that, and I think those of us looking for something more than the same old death metal are going to find something here. If you like composition and melody as much as me, then you’re going to want a copy of this one.

– Slaegt just released their debut Ildsvanger this year. Go check that one out now.

(4 Tracks, 24:00)


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