Slaughterday – Nightmare Vortex (2013 NN Promo)

Slaughterday - Nightmare Vortex

“Slaughterday’s debut release is finally upon us and it brings the right mix of classic death metal that’d we’d expect from the band after their cassette only demo release. “Unearthly Evocation” offered much of the same barebones approach to the genre that we expected from them in the beginning, but “Nightmare Vortex” truly works as a title track, its introduction carrying some of the most uncomfortable riff melodies that I’ve heard in my life. The unexpected injection of doom really brings a sense of terror to the music, accomplishing what it set out to do in the first place. “Addicted To The Grave” follows with a bipolar mix of pummeling death metal and thunderous doom that comes replete with especially eerie riffs and as ghastly a vocal approach as we should expect from a band by the name of Slaughterday…”

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