“Small” Update Regarding The Future Of The Grim Tower

This is such a short update that I’m typing it directly from my mobile to our WordPress page. Basically, I’ve decided to continue with the music section of the tower. It is important to many of you, so I would like to keep it going in at least some respects.

However, The Grim Tower will now be broken down into distinct weeks of media coverage. This is something we have never done before, so work with me here.

We will be switching between a week of movies/anime, a week of gaming, a week of comics/books and one final week at the end of every month that will house music.

How are we doing this?

With much shorter reviews. If you liked the Tower Gauntlet, that’s more or less how I want to cover music from now on. That made it fun, and keep in mind that this is just a hobby for me (unless you’d like to donate and I’ll explain more on that later) so I want to keep it fun.

As far as the movies and such are concerned, these will be slightly longer. No more than 1000 words per article is the goal. We want to simply give you our opinions and send you on your way, thanking you for your patronage.

I do think that about covers it, so any questions that you may have can be sent to me directly through our social media page. I’m also in the process of building a discord channel for those interested.

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