Soen – Lotus (2019)

Definitely one of the band’s strongest efforts yet, there’s a good mix of heavy and light progressive atmospheres to be had. Especially the punishing opener “Opponent” which structurally reminds me a little of Opeth without the harsh vocal efforts, even though some definitely could be utilized in areas, which I was definitely waiting for. “Lascivious” continued that heavy edge, of course accompanied with by far one of the most passionate vocal performances I’ve heard from these guys yet. If you didn’t take notice of Soen after the first few albums, you’ll definitely change your tune when Lotus enters your ears. Tool might even have competition this year with Lotus, if the fabled new album does manage to release this year after all. The title cut itself is rather romantic, with seventies organs and tasty acoustic leads that aren’t too far removed from modern Opeth. But that’s fine, because at least this performance contains some bite. Another segment that I simply have to mention here is the fantastic chorus effort on “Covenant” which strangely began a little like Mister Mister’s “Broken Wings” in it’s electronic opening flair. That would be a great cover cut for Soen, I’m sure they could tear it wide open. That’s how you’re going to feel after this record hits you too. Somebody please make these guys famous with this one, I don’t care what you have to do. He didn’t need that kidney anyway. They need to be on the radio, rather than several of the washed up acts and just rather bland mainstays that I’ve been hearing lately. Soen make music with real depth, substance and passion. That’s missing in all facets of the genre, so you’d be a fool to push this one aside. As always, the Tool, Katatonia and Opeth influences are here, but everything has been pushed to eleven… twelve, actually. Soen proves that a great progressive band can get even better and leaves my mind blown in retrospect. Lotus isn’t just heavy, it’s got soul – and that’s what lacks in more bands than I can count these days.



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