Spectral Lore/Jute Gyte – Helian (2018)

Spectral Lore/Jute Gyte


I-Voidhanger Records

Jute Gyte released yet another recording this year, this time as a split with Spectral Lore. The interesting thing about this album is that they’ve done the same song, or rather; two parts to it. Jute Gyte’s performance here sounds bizarre, about as bizarre as one of those bizarro fiction erotica books by Chuck Tingle that are selling like mad for some reason. Though I would gather that the approach here is far more than I Discovered A Bitcoin In My Butt… and feels a bit more intelligent, despite what some will see as a merely out of tune performance entirely. Not everyone is going to get Jute Gyte’s weird approach to black metal, and this particular track is just one of those examples. That isn’t to say that the performance isn’t exciting, because it most certainly is – this rendition of “Helian” sounds more like “Hellion” as it reaches it’s later section and that should appeal to a vast majority of listeners looking for the sound of complete and total fucking chaos.

When Spectral Lore taking a much different approach to the track, we are placed into a more atmospheric tone, with slightly jazzy guitars and some howling winds in the background. It’s meant to be taken at a drone level and feels like a sort of dark meditation, until about the halfway point, where is later becomes more of an extreme metal performance. When the track reaches this point, it tends to follow a similar style to Jute Gyte, but far more restrained and a bit more accessible to listeners. I’m not really sure who “did it better” in this case, but there are strengths in both the Jute Gyte and Spectral Lore versions of this track. If you prefer a more outlandish and almost incomprehensible rendition, go with Jute Gyte. If drone with a bite is more your thing, then go with Spectral Lore. I think you’re going to wind up with an interesting observation regardless, but both cuts feel more like science projects than anything else – exercises in music theory that might appeal to the technical crowd more than others. Though that isn’t to say that they’re not unique or interesting, just that they might be a bit much for some of us.

(2 Tracks, 43:00)


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