Spirit Adrift – Behind – Beyond EP (2016)

Spirit Adrift is an atmospheric doom act, with a major sense of melody and a vocal approach that sounds like something you might hear from thundering post-metal. But that’s not to say that this thing doesn’t thunder, as it certainly pounds down with the best of them. It’s the kind of record that almost doubles as a drug trip, especially right before the end of “Perpetual Passage” (15:57). The record has only two tracks, but both of them are plenty long and round up to twenty-eight minutes of playtime. The record feels like more of a standard offering than a short little EP and it’s one that you’ll definitely want to play more than just once. This is the kind of record where you wind up getting lost in the guitar passages, and you wish that those end riffs would continue on for days. The more you listen, the more you’re pulled in. There’s no doubt that the vocal element is passionately potent, as any doom should be – but there’s so much more to this in terms of musicianship that you’ll fall quickly into it’s grasp and find that it’s foolish to try to escape. Give it a listen, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy it. Although I feel it might be better with a hint of LSD or something of that nature. People seem to be doing that more often now, including tech designers on Silicon Ave who’ve admitted that such a thing helps them to think out of the box and design hardware and software differently. Perhaps those techies will go home and listen to something like this as well. Why end your trip on a bad note like complete silence or the TV? This is a good ride.


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