Spreading The Disease – Mindcell EP (2019)

Spreading The Disease have worked with this site for a while and I’ve had hit and miss feelings about most of their material, but I definitely found something to like in the band’s new EP, entitled Mindcell. There’s just five tracks here, but it seems to mix metalcore, groove and what I would consider to be a bit of English punk (where I will always recommend Gallows in that instance).

“Obsession” comes out swinging with hefty core, hard-hitting grooves and that unexpected punk influence within the chorus. It has a bit of a melodic dip, but then comes back thrashing. “Voices” comes next with downtuned anger and a potent clean chorus that eventually rolls into chugs where it ends. Speaking of anger, the next cut is “The Anger Inside” which again rolls into chunky groove, maybe with a bit of a blue background. Hardcore shouts are also featured, making for an excellent protest track. “Waves” changes the whole mood as it entertains cool rhythms, balancing between heavy and light atmospheres. This is great, because it showcases a great deal of balance and shows Spreading The Disease as an evolving act, rather than one simply stuck on core, groove and thrash elements. “Conflicted” ends the record with a Nu-Metal vibe, once again showing that these guys aren’t tied to any style.

I am embarrassed to say that I can’t recall the song here that truly resonated lyrically to me, something about “I’m the lone wolf” or similar. Maybe it is the fault of my laptop speakers as opposed to my listening app and earbuds, but I just don’t recall hearing that line. Maybe it was on “Voices” but I can’t pick it up. My hearing is not what it used to be. Anyway, I really identified with the message of that song. I could relate – and to me, that’s pretty damn significant.

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