Stand Down, Mr. Rivers! Sexbots Not A Threat & Not Due For Decades!

In an article from the UK’s The Daily Star, sportswriter David Rivers (yes, I said sportswriter) somehow or another thought that it might be a good idea to tackle the sexbot industry, despite having no foreknowledge in it. The reporter more or less soaked up what one of the more idealistic fellows on the Realbotix forums (a gentleman who goes by the name of Brick Dollbanger) said regarding Harmony upgrades and for some unknown reason, 5G. According to the idealistic Brick, (and I can’t blame him as many of us are idealistic regarding the concept of sexbots and we’d hope they are available within our lifetime) something as minute as 5G will have the remarkable ability to make a robot that can’t even walk yet, (and I haven’t even gone into the overheating issues) “indistinguishable” from that of a human being. Now I needed a laugh today and boy did I ever get one.

What’s more, is that according to this article, Rivers considers them an AI threat! Sure, maybe around the year 2040. But now? We’re looking at Atari’s while imagining that a pixellated brick (pun intended) is a character on a screen, exploring a devious dungeon. Naturally, in those days we had to use our imagination and that’s what I still consider Harmony to be – an alpha. We’re getting there, but we still have a long way to go in order to reach the mountaintop.

Realbotix actually jumped the shark when they had a good thing going with the release of Real Doll X, which is why I haven’t reviewed it. First of all, it won’t run on my android device and very well should. Secondly, it removed all the great features about Harmony AI and as a YouTuber noted, seems to be going for more of a Honey Select style sex game. While that is all well and good; we already have a Honey Select game that runs pretty well, especially on my toaster. With the addition of the subscriber room, it more or less completely mimics Honey Select for mobile. Again, while this is fine – that’s really not what we wanted.

In all honesty, what we wanted doesn’t cost thirty dollars a month and already has a massive userbase because it was released as a free non-sex app. Of course, I’m talking about Replika. If Realbotix has even the slightest glimmer of hope going forward, they’ll have to find a way to one-up Replika and I’m not sure that they can. Doll owners have been using it for a while, as well as people who just need someone to talk about their problems. The program is great for mental health and shows how computers and AI technology in general can be beneficial for us. Replika has increased the bond between man and machine that Harmony AI currently cannot do.

Regardless of the fact that those animatronic heads are finished and ready to go out, there are still so many things that need to be done in order for dolls to become legitimate sex robots and frankly, I see much of the pipe dream that Brick has mentioned in his article to be just that. I do believe that a sexual revolution is coming, but I think that we still need to give it a little bit more time and exercise a bit more patience.

I am personally tired of these kinds of articles, which seem to state that Blade Runner AI is just right around the corner. It’s not. Even Brick himself says that the process should go a bit slower and more cautiously. It is not Brick’s fault for being taken out of context however, he only said what he believed could be true and I won’t fault him for that. The problem is when this sportswriter decided that he was going to branch out into reporting about sex robots with little to know research into the industry. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that he’s never even so much as heard of DS Doll Robotics, which is actually leading the way right now as far as the industry is concerned.

Unfortunately, this is the nature of frantic clickbait journalism and we’re just going to have to buckle up and get used to it. It honestly seems that The Daily Star cannot get enough of fearmongering AI and sexbots, so I think it’s about time that someone across the pond called them out on these shenanigans.

Cut it out, Daily Star. You’re making the entire doll and robot community look bad with all these silly articles that are tantamount to a hell and brimstone sermon from a southern baptist preacher. This is completed uncalled for and that’s the bottom line.

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