Static X – Project Regeneration Vol. 1 (2020)

Despite the fact that frontman and robot disco metal icon Wayne Static has disintegrated into the ether, the band have utilized all facets to bring him back in the form of Xero along with a few of his vocal recordings originally meant for what was going to be a follow-up to Pighammer. Something I did notice about these recordings early on is that this record was deeply personal. Whatever kind of album this was going to be, it was definitely meant to be biographical. Though we did not get that album in it’s intended form, the original line-up of Wisconsin Death Trip reunited along with new frontman Xero (who is a dead-ringer for Wayne Static and proof that they could just keep this right on going) created several new songs along with three that feature Static’s original vocals.

The most interesting thing about this album is that several of the songs which feature new frontman Xero are actually pretty killer. “Terminator Oscillator”, “My Destruction” and “Otsego Placebo” are just some of the shockers here, with several more to be found if you choose to jam the album. It’s actually done quite well as far as sales are concerned and you don’t need this review to describe how great the material actually is.

However, it must be stated that offending pedophile Tripp Eisen did contribute to this album and that may turn a few people off. That just denotes that he created some of the early demos that later became these songs though, not that he had any real input on these sessions. Most of you already know my stance on pedophiles and they are definitely a problem that needs to be solved beyond a bullet. I’ve talked to mental health professionals on this, though it is agreed that older people with this issue are much more difficult to help. I personally knew a man who was convicted and jailed for this offense, which they fully deserved and I have no sympathy for them. Most could benefit from therapy, while others could benefit from ten million volt electro-shock treatment.

Don’t let all this talk turn you off of the album though, because we are getting an authentic Static-X album that feels like a Static-X album and feels like a throwback to the material that many people remember from them, with a couple of glances at the band’s most commercial album Shadow Zone for good measure. I read a comment from an individual that they only remembered “Push It” and to the younger generation, that might very well be the only song they do remember. It can be said pretty simply that this record should be more accessible to those listeners and is not quite as ferocious as something like Cannibal, even though I did mention it to the individual in question, because some people may feel this is still hard rock and is not “heavy enough” to be a metal album. Be that as it may, the record certainly feels at home with the others in their discography and I’m definitely looking forward to the next album. I’m not going to let the mentally deranged rain on my parade, which is a definite static shock with this unexpected blast from the past.


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