Stromstad – New Devoted Human (2017 Submission)


New Devoted Human

Malignant Records

I had just gotten finished watching a video regarding eerie things that AI robots have said about humans in the past few years, and regardless of human innovation and programming, these sentient programs have gained the ability to tell us what they truly think. It is a bit disheartening, which makes a record like this a great sort of segue into what seems to be our own inevitable destruction. Sure, they might be able to give blowjobs, but it seems like they’re more interesting in fucking us with our own nuclear missiles, taking control of our governments and enslaving us as personal pets of a higher species. When I hear Kristoffer Oustad’s anger pouring through the electronic soundscapes in New Devoted Human, I can’t help but think of this. It feels like the sound of humanity trying to rebel against it’s literal robot overlords, who may have very well replaced everything that was ever “human” on this planet. The Finnish act have taken industrial in a much different way, where the worlds of extreme metal and extreme industrial seem to meet in a favorable match here in this dystopian landscape. But at least everyone would be tolerant of everyone else, right? They’d have no choice. Unlike several other records in this genre, the lyrics for the album have been printed directly onto the fold-out digipack. It is interesting to note that this little disc is the product of nearly three years of labor, as it later moves into atmosphere and even rock music territory where Enslaved‘s Grutle Kjellson makes an appearance on guitar. Sometimes the disc even gets downright ritualistic as with “Reluctant Traveler” which is one of the most unique cuts I’ve heard from this particular genre. If you’ve never really latched onto the industrial albums that I’ve covered here in the past, this might be one song where you’ll need to take notice. The disc also rolls into cinematic soundscape affair with it’s triumphant closer “Kosto” which is probably what would play after we were able to finally crush the robot overlords – or perhaps when aliens land to finish what the machines had started. I definitely recommend this disc for all fans of the genre as it is something definitely different, even though it doesn’t quite start out that way at first. You might not have heard anything like New Devoted Human before, which is why I’m giving it rather high marks. Don’t throw this one on the backburner, you need to listen right now.

(8 Tracks, 36:00)


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