Supreme Carnage – Sentenced By The Cross (2015)

These German death metallers definitely know their shit and that’s proven a hundred times over with this sophomore release, Sentenced By The Cross. There’s a good chunk of Kataklysm, Vital Remains, Grave, Unleashed, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath and all of the other greats to be found here and that really seems to culminate for me in standout “The Sewerage Of God” (6:41) which is the album’s longest, but most impactful cut. It even features a short piano number at the end, to really show how deep they’re going with it. “Skin Turns Black” (4:11) adds melody to chunk, which translates to yet another powerful piece, especially when the guitar solo comes in. Supreme Carnage like their solos and they use them quite a bit, which I’m certainly not going to shy away. The vocal approach sounds like a thick-accented roar, which certainly works well for the music and shouldn’t upset anyone. It’s obvious that frontman Jorge and main guitarist Jorg know what they’re doing here and having another guitarist in Nova doesn’t hurt either. Sven’s bass licks also provide the right amount of punch to really get these songs going where they need to, which is hurtling through your skull like a trepanation.

The listener can expect his face to be rightly pounded as only the best of this genre can achieve and Mirko’s drumming will take care of that, as the true definition of death metal comes blaring through your speakers and is sure to upset the neighbors (and the neighbors’ neighbors, if you play it loud enough.) Some records don’t require a completely thorough dissection, as Sentenced By The Cross pretty much stands by what it is – a slab of classic death metal, loaded with grooves and melodies where they count and will make the largest impression. The album is simply one of the reasons why I’ve always loved this kind of music and guys like this need more recognition. Supreme Carnage is strong and solid death metal, which you won’t easily forget, especially as far as “The Sewerage Of God” is concerned, which I just can’t get over. After hearing that one for the first time, it really stuck. The same can be said with many of the other cuts, on what is a record truly worth picking up. This is what I call death metal.

(11 Tracks, 49:00)


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