Sutekh Hexen – Become EP

Sutekh Hexen - Become EP

Sutekh Hexen – Become EP (2014) – You know, I’ve got to be honest about this one. I really don’t know what’s happening here, but it makes me think of a stormy ship at sea. Both sides of the album definitely appear to sound like black metal, with some drumming and scowls to be found; yet I feel as if the whole band is trapped in the middle of a hurricane. It sounds like they might be in a whirlpool to be honest and I’ve never quite heard anything like this in my entire life. The first side (15:00) definitely makes me think that heavy rains are pouring down while harsh winds and all sorts of shit just seems to be flying through the air. It really sounds like 70,000 tons of metal during a fierce typhoon. So I’ve covered typhoons, hurricanes and whirlwinds, right? If these guys were trying to start a storm, well they’ve certainly captured it here. The attack of fuzz and whirl and whatever in the hell else you can hear is quite surreal though. I like this album because of its atmosphere. I wouldn’t even care if it was in some odd percentile, black metal. The second side (14:48) sounds like it may have been recorded in the cave that the band found once they had woken up on an island after the ship that they were playing on had sunk right into the briny deep. The winds are still blowing pretty harshly though, and it sounds like someone is trying to start what’s left of the boat’s motor in the background. But it’s to no avail. Eventually, the band step back outside onto the surface of the island, where maniacal winds and a veritable shitstorm vomited forth from the anus of God encounter them, after which the band decides that they would rather just hide in the cave until the storm is over. This makes me wonder if these guys are safe and not still in that cave on that island. Where in the hell did you get this? Someone needs to fucking check up on these guys before they rot to death inside that cavern.

As Become is unlike anything I’ve ever heard in my life, I’m going to have to give it a very high score. Any time I listen to this album, I can picture myself in the center of a raging storm on the ocean, which actually feels a bit more misty and vibrant than being here on land. Man was said to first walk out of the ocean, so perhaps this is the sound of that which is familiar to me and perhaps it’s why men decided to build boats in the first place in search of fine minerals and new lands. There is more water than Earth to be found on this planet, and if Global Warming holds true, then we will certainly find that to be a very relevant statement much quicker than we thought. In any case, I definitely recommend Sutekh Hexen’s Become EP as I’m sure that even these guys are wondering how in the hell I took an occult based atmosphere record for a journey into the primordial depths of the ocean. And my answer to that would be as simple as any: It just came off that way.

(2 Tracks, 29:48)



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