Synodic – Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe (2017)


Sent to me by a local and completely unexpected source, I have what I believe to be the debut album from this Oklahoma based duo. It’s essentially a mixture of raw melodic black metal and atmosphere, which are done equally well, thanks to magic of digital technology and human know-how. The record really does seem to hit on that whole early Darkthrone meets Krallice aspect, replete with sections in which we’ll be treated to the ebb and flow of the universe itself. Sometimes the programmed drumming can come off even more robotic thanks to some effects, which sell the atmopshere even more. It tends to melodically go into an almost Devin Townsend or Dethklok level of grandiosity, even though the raw sense of the material can make the leads often muddled within the whole of the performance. The project can also be compared to that of Mesarthim or Frozen Ocean, which are two acts that The Grim Tower have heavily praised in the past, especially during the latter’s “space exploration” era. Frontwoman Imber has a harsh snarl that communicates the feel of ancient Scandinavian black metal and still manages to give off a kvlt vibe, even though Myrdin Cerphas’s compositions seem to take it off into another realm altogether. That probably won’t sit well with a majority of old school kvltists, but I have noticed that these kinds of people are evolving their tastes along with the emergence of new approaches in this genre of black metal. In other words, you might find something here that you might remember from Burzum‘s Filosofem, one of the earliest examples of this kind of music. Cosmic black metal has been a thing for quite a while and I see Synodic merely following in the footsteps of other atmospheric black metal titans, though not simply stopping there.

The first time I heard this record, I was quite amazed at just how good it was. This is definitely what raw, kvlt black metal sounds like in the modern era – just with some added bells and whistles that make this performance all the more entertaining. You can pick up a digital copy for a fair five bones, or you can… Oh, the limited edition CD versions of the record are sold out. For good reason though, the band should have had five-hundred on hand for a recording this spectacular. Hopefully they’ll pick up a label (come on guys, Synodic is the kind of band that you’ll actually want to sign!) and will be able to release the disc again for a much larger run. The Grim Tower highly recommends the amount of grandiose melodic majesty entwined within Synodic’s Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe.

(7 Tracks, 51:00)



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