Tad Morose – Chapter X (2018)

Tad Morose

Chapter X

GMR Music Group

Swedish power metallers Tad Morose have returned, and this time with an extra dose of prog to their already crunchy brand of power metal. I’m heaing quite a bit of Fate’s Warning and Queensryche here, particularly in the vocals. But that doesn’t mean that a Brainstorm friendly punch isn’t heard halfway around the world either.

The record is particulary a mix of theatrics and groove-laden power metal, containing some especially pompous nodes in “Leviathan Rise” only to roll into a mighty earworm with “Liar” even though an accessible chorus is far less than what this song actually offers in regards to composition. The performance this time around is extremely diverse and technical, featuring several great guitar solos along the way – and not all of them quite so fast and furious. You’ll also notice a hint of electronics here and there, which don’t seem to be a hinderance for Judas Priest inspired power-thrasher “Deprived Of Life” which almost takes a Halford-esque approach to the clean vocals which appear throughout the majority of the album.

Opener “Apocalypse” does have some harsh backing grunts here and there, but the absence of that style on this record doesn’t prove detrimental and these grunts manage to appear once again in “Slaves To The Dying Sun” and “Turn To Dust.” The disc is plenty heavy and has more than enough substance to go around, making it somewhat challenging to the modern listener. Sure, many of these patterns are nothing new for Tad Morose or any other similar act in the power metal vein, but the fact that Tad Morose are experimenting beyond these limits is something worth mentioning. I’m quite reminded of Nevermore in a few areas, particularly “Vaunt The Cynical” even if the approach isn’t quite as dark-natured as Seattle’s finest were able to put together decades ago. That being said, I really feel that Tad Morose fans will appreciate what I feel is one of their most accomplished albums to date.

Chapter X truly requires much more from the listener than what you might expect at first listen, because song structure changes at the drop of a hat and makes for a rather invigorating experience that can be overwhelming at times. The disc can be tough for some listeners to grasp as it doesn’t roll in and out easily, but if you’re willing to give it more than a few listens, I think that most of these tracks will grow on you. While there are still plenty of sing-along choruses here, the band doesn’t feel the need to simply hammer you with them until the end of the disc.

In my observation, I feel that Chapter X might be the most focused that Tad Morose have sounded in several years, adding a proper dose of punch, class and technicality that should appeal to old fans just as much as the new. If nothing else, it shows that even ten albums later, these guys are still making worthwhile music in the genre. Definitely give it a listen at the link below, as I think you’ll be quite happy with it.

(14 Tracks, 60:00)


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