Tempel – On The Steps Of The Tempel (2014)

Tempel - On The Steps Of The Tempel

“…At any rate, the album consists of six instrumentals, each one giving off their own separate vibe and aura. “Mountain” opens the album as one of the strongest on the disc as it offers meaty riffs and thick drumming which help to illustrate the very size and strength of a mountain. It begins the album on a very crushing note, yet still contains a slew of memorable melodies that will repeat throughout the experience as a whole. There’s also several groove sections to the track, very headbang-worthy material that really seem like it would do well in a live setting. But after that, things start to take a turn in the opposite direction with the slow to start follow-up in “Rising From The Abyss.” It stays morose for a little bit, but soon grows balls as it begins to tear apart your eardrums. Then after the great almighty climax, it calms back down to welcome whistling melodies and standard post metal fare. “Final Years” dulls the blade quite a bit, as the band use this song to explore a beautiful and melancholy image of what might be our final days on this planet. All of our achievements, left to dust. Putting that foul matter aside, we continue with “The Mist That Shrouds The Peaks.” This song sounds like a lumbering giant, heavy on approach but slow to erupt. There’s a little bit of a guitar solo used on the track, but I think they might have overdone it with riff repetition on this one. At about the latter half of the song, more interesting things begin to happen, but it drones quite a bit before they do. I just feel that it’s a lot to have to work for…”

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