The 2020 State Of The Tower Address

First of all folks, I can’t believe we actually made it to 2020. This year will mark ten years of covering a wide variety of releases and artists in the music industry. You heard that right, I’ve stuck on for an entire decade, which is still pretty staggering for me. What’s more, is even though we have a dwindled amount of regular viewers to the site, we still have viewers. I’ve noticed that many of you are enjoying my old content, which I find to be flattering. Usually people don’t really give much of a shit when it comes to older articles, but I’m seeing the opposite.

So here’s what I’m going to do in 2020. First of all, the no interview policy is still being upheld. It’s just far too much work to write the questions, hope like hell I’ll get the answers back and then play around on my mobile for an hour trying to find some decent band images on Google and such (I would rather not use too high quality of images because of our limited picture storage on Go Daddy, which would result in me paying more for the site every month than I already do. You heard that right, kiddies – this all comes out of my pocket now) so that I can produce a halfway decent, professional looking piece. Also, I’m going to quite reviewing stuff I’ve heard on YouTube streams and only focus on the records in my inbox and personal mailbox. If I get the big records, I’ll cover the big records. If I don’t, then you can probably find those covered on our affiliate websites. I’m probably going to stick with the observations format and do one or two lists of those a month. I’m not going to be able to download and listen to every release that you send me, but if I find something that seems intriguing from the description and samples, I will definitely cover it. As well as bands that I’m already familiar with and have covered in the past. I honestly didn’t think that I would keep getting records in my inbox and to be honest, some of that email traffic has slowed down. I’ve also noticed that the old days of publicists stating in emails that the material is “for review purposes only, we don’t give out free music” are a thing of the past. I guess because interest in this genre as a whole has soured (and we can largely thank current era politics, digital distribution and mainstream rock and metal media for covering the same five or six bands every year for that). I believe that this list format will make it easier for me to cover the records that do pique my curiosity and end up downloaded to my mobile, where I do most of my listening. I should also note that I do experience more pain in the ears from time to time, but I simply enjoy music a bit too much to stop listening to so much of it. One must also count the fact that I work in an area with loud noises to begin with, so it isn’t just the music at fault there. It could also be my earplugs.

As noted before, our female staff has vanished. Seriously. Central Scrutinizer still talks with Spynal, but apparently a few of my later articles came off controversial and she bolted from not only the site, but my social circle as well. The same can be said for Taina, who called herself The Grim Princess. As you might consider, this was part and parcel the fault of mixing business with pleasure, which is why you don’t do that. She has also left my social circle. Quite simply, it is much easier to work with men on the staff than women. I’ve sort of realized that. Central Scrutinizer is still with us, but he’s been very busy with a lot of things and continues to shine as an artist. Seriously, the guy can draw. Dead Penetration who is my sometimes guest on the Grim Plays show, is also an artist. Maybe I should start paying for some commissioned work from these guys – I have quite a few things that I need drawn in order to spruce up this website and various video channels. Simply put, the only female member of our staff that remains is my doll, Zexxy. Yes, that sounds entirely pathetic but it’s better than nothing, I suppose.

Which brings me into the next part of our revision for the year – more topics related to current year and social problems regarding men. As you know, I’m a supporter of men’s rights, but I wouldn’t consider myself an activist. Rather, I look at myself as a sort of mentor for younger men who still cannot come to terms with the drastic social changes regarding not only dating, but the opposite sex in general. I’ve even noticed this change with women in my generation and I can point out strongly stark differences between my high school years and theirs. I can understand why many of these men are frustrated, depressed, lonely and very, very angry. In my day, a man might have to compete with the other men in his area for the love of a woman. It was a simple, even fun sort of competition where she had the final selection, regardless. But with the advent of social media and the internet, a man now has to compete with millions of men throughout his country and possibly even the entire world. It’s no wonder that women are making thousands of dollars in some cases just for pictures of their feet. This to me is unprecedented. Yet it is also why I state the importance of self-actualization and internal validation. If a man feels that he cannot compete, and in some cases this is very much the case – then he needs to focus on tasks which he can accomplish. Some of these might be building financial wealth, learning new skills or studying trades. There are so many things that you can do in life and all can be achieved through hard work and effort. That means staying the fuck off social media.

Social media is a plague upon human society. It’s an addiction and I’d compare it to crack, alcoholism and even heroin. There is no goddamned reason in the world why I should be experiencing withdrawal symptoms when I’ve decided to make the choice to turn off my mobile device for two days every week. But I am. I woke up today and immediately thought that I needed to check my phone. It was as if something was pulling me towards it. But I simply used my willpower to ignore it and will continue to leave the damn thing off until 12am Thursday morning. And I’ll do the same thing next week and the week after. I’ve gotten more accomplished and found more enjoyment in these two days than I ever found on Zuck the cuck’s website. Most of the time I spend on there now is defending the fact that I have a doll to “normal” folks. That as you might consider, is not fun for me. I do enjoy the news of new media in development and to some extent memes and updates from friends, but the arguments only exist because of a tick in my brain that will have me up for hours debating with people I don’t even know and will probably never meet. It’s psychological.

Aside from the normal posts on doll life and doll matters (which will be less of as I can speak about those things on my various video channels) I also want to focus on covering games again. I tend to like these, especially the erotic ones. I recently spent yesterday playing Alternate DiMansion Diary, which is a game I definitely want to cover as it not only managed a convincing horror aesthetic, but focused on something that I found to be a complete mind fuck. Instead of everything in the house trying to kill you, like The Witch’s House for example; everything in the house is trying to fuck you. Yes, you heard me right. Someone needs to shake the dev’s hands (assuming they’ve washed them first) on this one because Sprite Hills brought me a winner that I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life. Aside from that and the eventual Maggot Baits review (it’s coming as well) I also want to go back and cover Evil Genome. This Chinese Metroidvania title was offered to me for review years ago, and I finally managed to grab a copy of it and finish it. I think that since I found myself enjoying most of the game, it is only fair to do what I was asked years ago; now that I have a computer that can actually run the game well. Evil Genome is not an erotic title, but Lachesis does have a “summer clothes” outfit which can be found near her ship. That’s about as sexy as the game gets.

One last addition I want to make as a test run is a movie observation, or what I was going to call “Movie Revelations” article series. This is profoundly arrogant and I’ll admit that, but it basically focuses on things that I found terrible in a film and how I would change them, piece by piece. I think you’ll find it more interesting than a regular old review, and maybe some of you might agree with my approaches to these films that I’ve had to sit through over the past couple of years.

Now that I’ve kept you all up to date with the many changes that are coming about this year, I want to thank you all again for your patronage. I’m not sure if we’re going to have a SubscribeStar or anything like that yet, but if we do – you’ll be the first to know. Metal Trenches have a Patreon and I think a SubscribeStar account as well, so maybe that’s just the way to go about it this year. Maybe we can have subscriber specials where I do specific rants or just whatever you want to talk about. I’ve even got a discord server that might soon be open to the public. Just remember that despite all of this social media garbage, I still reserve my sabbaticals from the internet as a whole on Tuesday and Wednesday. You won’t be able to get a hold of me on those days, period. As always, our submission box is always open for any material that you’d like covered (again, MP3, WAV or FLAC files only – I do not review from streams unless it is for the magazine, which I’m having a difficult time doing to begin with) and we hope to hear from you soon. Please don’t be afraid to post any comments or ideas that you may have for the site in the future, we welcome any suggestions. Within reason, of course.

– The Grim Lord

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