The Allegory Of The Sandwich (Short)

Two men are on their lunch break, when one of them pulls out a sandwich. It is covered in mayonnaise, but has inklings of baloney and cheese. The other man pulls out another sandwich. It’s certainly not everyone’s favorite, but he enjoys it.

The man next to him says, “You really ought to try my sandwich. The peppers in that sandwich can give you heartburn, and I’ve heard that the kind of bread you’re eating it on may give you cancer.”

The man replies, “No thank you. I appreciate the offer – but I don’t like mayo.” Of course, he knows full well that the peppers are hot and the bread might be hazardous to his health, but they say that everything gives you cancer these days. So he might as well enjoy it.

“My sandwich won’t give you heartburn, and the bread should go down easy.” The other man replies.

“No thank you.” The man says again. “I don’t much care for mayonaise.”

It’s not that the man wouldn’t try the other sandwich of course; it’s just that it has a glopping heap of mayonnaise, and he just doesn’t like mayonaise.

Yet the man continued. “I feel bad for you, that you have to eat that sandwich.”

The other man turned to him and looked confused. “How could he feel bad about me eating this?” he thought. It was a dmaned good sandwich, just the way his mother made. Just like his father ate, and his father before him. It was a traditional sandwich.

“I’ll give you one more chance. Try my sandwich.” The other man retorted.

“And I’ll decline one more time. As I’ve told you, I do not like mayoniase. It’s just not my thing, and you’ve got mayonaise all over your sandwich.” he boldly proclaimed.

“Mayonaise is good.” The other man replied. He then took a bite. “See? You could be eating this.”

“But I don’t want to.” said the other man. “I’m quite happy with what I’ve got, and quite frankly, that looks like a mess.”

“Suit yourself.” The other man replied, continuing to eat his sandwich.

Finally, after the man quit berateing him about that blasted sandwich; he then took a bite of his own. He remembered why it was that he liked the sandwich so much, how the hot and spicy peppers and special bread hit just the spot every time. He also preferred a nice slice of sharp chedder, compared to the boring old cheese at which the other man ate.

To him, this was a sandwich. And it was a damned good one.

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