The Great Dick Desensitization: Are Some Men Becoming Women Just So They Can Get Laid?

Obviously, you’ve heard about women’s complete dissatisfaction with pictures of male genitalia on social media. I’ve even heard that underage women have been sent these kinds of images and that is extremely disheartening. Though I need to stress why men continue to do this, and it might come as a bit of irony to you. In the old days, the penis was something that women were actually interested in. I do remember even as a younger lad where a young girl would try to touch that area of mine during class under the desk and they would also talk about what men might have had what size penis. Remember, I was born in an age where women thought that a man with big feet would have half of that as far as his penis was considered. So a man who wore a size thirteen shoe would’ve had a seven-inch penis, as this silly little rumor went. From those observations, women were definitely interested in part of this anatomy, so why not now? Ah, here is where comes the interesting part.

Gentlemen, we have to blame not only ourselves, but foreign men looking to scam women for this behavior. Though let me put this into perspective. If you were alive during the nineties, Mortal Kombat was a very big deal in its depiction of massive amounts of blood and gore. The right-wing evangelicals were against it, Gen-Y parents absolutely forbade it and kids dreamt about getting a chance to play it. So much so, that the infamous “blood code” was often shared during recess. Now fast-forward to 2019. Mortal Kombat 11 shows the series as just a regular old fighting game, with no real outrage from religious evangelicals, nor anyone else. Sure, the game has blood and gore in it, but we grew up with the Saw films. What’s a little bit of blood and gore these days? Nothing special, right?

Now take my example and put that towards women’s thoughts on the male genitalia. In the beginning, it was something that women wanted to see and definitely filled them with excitement and lust. Still does in some older women, I’ve noticed. Possibly because they grew up in a different era where it actually seemed to be sought-after. Though now, you have women who are completely disenfranchised by the whole thing, probably because they’ve seen hundreds of these pics by now on this website and simply don’t get the arousal anymore. This is also why porn can be devastating to a person’s psyche, because once you’ve seen the biggest and the best and you’re always seeing the best that can possibly be offered; even if completely fake, the normal package will no longer excite you. Why should it? You’d need an idealized image just to get off – and that is the problem that many men are facing with porn. So much so, that they’ve ended up spending thousands on camgirls just so that they could continue to live out the fantasy of an idealized woman, I’ve even spoken to some heterosexual men that have started watching porn on and similar sites because they no longer get aroused with their original “idea” of sex. It’s a definite issue, though probably not one we’re about to solve in this generation.

Piggybacking off an older article about female porn habits that I didn’t feel would amount to much until now, I noticed that with the trans movement there are a lot of men becoming women. Now, I don’t want mock or make light of people who very well might be in a different body than what their brain seems to indicate, at least from what I’ve researched; but it would definitely seem that a few men are playing the desperation game of “if you can’t beat em, join em.” Judging from the Pornhub data, if women are more interested in viewing girl-girl sex acts, as well as asking other female friends to send them nude images (which definitely happens) as well as comparing breasts (which is very common among women actually, though not men with penises oddly enough) then it would almost make perfect logical sense for a man to want to become a woman in this regard. Especially if they could pull it off rather well. Years ago, when I had used the first genderswap app (before Snapchat’s recent version) I found that just having an attractive feminine visage brought women to me in a way that I never would have expected. They were actually downright commenting that if I looked like that image, they would want to have sex with me. Since the urge to reproduce is strongly inherent in men, I definitely feel that many will try this route simply so that they can have offspring. Seems a bit silly that some men would go through all that trouble, but traditional values are indeed traditional values. I had also noticed that several transwomen were in fact dating other women. Not that the same situation doesn’t happen where males are preferred; but it was rather interesting to observe these kinds of dating habits. Perhaps they feel more feminine as the estrogen injections would definitely bring about those kinds of attributes. The craziest thing about all of this is that we all start out as female in the fetal stage, only later becoming male if the sperm is dominant enough. We also kind of look like pink alien lizard creatures from those eight-week pro-abortion pictures I’ve seen, which I find strange on a personal note and makes me question what in the hell we actually are. Though that is completely beside the point.

I have theorized that women of the modern age have become desensitized to male sexuality and advances because they are completely overburdened by it to the point that it is not “fun anymore” and actually becomes aggravating, which lowers their interest in even a potential partner of the opposite sex. This could be why a growing number of women are seeking solace with other women and are actually getting busy with them, or at the very least perusing useful content that could be of the opposite sex. If you’re constantly bombarded with cheese sandwiches everyday, eventually you’re going to be looking for something else to eat – even if you like cheese sandwiches. It is also true that this could be happening subconsciously, I do not believe that all women are completely aware of it. The media is also a tool to further push these ideas into their head, which could be looked at as a scapegoat from all the continuous male advances and pictures of genitalia.

Now a good rule of thumb would be to abandon social media entirely, but as I have noticed from all the data I’ve gathered from numerous adult groups, many women simply love the attention. There’s no way that is ever going to happen. These conversations usually consist of, “here is a picture of my body, say nice things to improve my self-confidence and don’t inbox me.” Just judging from this alone, more women are insecure than they’re letting on and maybe there’s a good reason for that. There are more of them working than ever before and the working world expects them to be tough and resilient, which are skills that they haven’t yet evolved to take on the task. Though as we are an adaptive species, I definitely think that will be the case. What I’m saying is that the amount of testosterone they produce naturally may increase over the generations, which in theory could make them more similar to men. It is very possible that they will initiate the responses in mating, which will cause a complete role-reversal among the sexes. As men are being feminized, women are definitely being masculinized in these regards and there’s not much that can be done to change it at this point. What’s done is done. Call it whatever you like, male sperm counts are decreasing with every generation and women definitely seem to be getting a slight uptick in testosterone than they may have had years ago. I’m not sure how Darwin would’ve put it, but there’s definitely something intriguing going on here and I’m curious to how it will play out in the future, especially in a world where AI is becoming a reality and artificial lifeforms may soon take their roles on the world stage. Exciting times, indeed.

After all, I kind of remember it being the woman’s role to hit up interesting men, rather than men clambering for a possible date with one woman. I’m not really sure why that happened, but I’m quite sure that our grandfathers would be ashamed of us, fellas. Though yet again, maybe all of this is just a natural response to our changing global environment. Time will tell.

– The Grim Lord

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