The Grim Lord’s Experi-Metal Bundle (Review Set One)

Pressor – Weird Things (2018) – Pressor are by far one of the weirdest doom acts I’ve ever heard, so the name definitely fits. Doom fans will find that the album offers a warm, gothic atmosphere comparable to the greats, but on a whole other level with the use of trippy synths. You might not think much about a doom band with a prime focus in noisy synths, but combined with the Dracula’s Castle atmosphere of it all, it sounds like the count on a high dose of LSD. Recommended!

Detieti – Frogressive Punk (2018) – There simply aren’t enough words that I can say about Detieti, other than the fact that they play a little bit of everything on this remarkable release that spans nearly an hour of music. If you’re looking for trippy atmospheres, doom, death metal, acid jazz, punk, hip hop, electronica and just all around oddity, you’re bound to find it here. While mostly instrumental, Detieti make some of the best atmospheres that I’ve heard all year. Definitely something that you need to experience for yourself, The Grim Tower highly recommends Frogressive Punk.

Jahroom – Cut Price Goods (2015) – Much along the same lines as Detieti, Jahroom prove that Russia is leading the pack in experimentalism. With unique soundscapes that range from ethereal ambience to hard-driving traffic, you’re bound to experience an array of moods while listening to this type of music. Acid jazz fans will also love it, even though I would also recommend psilocybin while jamming this one. Nyx is also included in this experience, making what I’d consider a noteworthy addition to the saga. Yet another disc that The Grim Tower recommends.

Dekonstruktor – Eating The Universe (2018 Reissue) – On the more doom side of things, Dekonstruktor push a heavily raw side of doom that experiences a few stylistic changes here and there to make it stand out from others in the pack. It is mostly instrumental, but if you’re looking for raw fuzz, you’d be hard-pressed to
put it down, especially when things start getting a bit weird and uncomfortable. But that’s the best part, isn’t it?

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