The Grim Lord’s Experi-Metal Bundle (Review Set Three)

Soom – Djebars (2018) – Soom are a bizarre little act who like to combine ambience with noise and fierce doom metal. The bass hits extremely hard on this album, but that’s not when they’re throwing oppressive noise into the mix. He album has a peculair setup as every other song seems to be a noise cut instead of separating the two distinct sounds into two parts of an album. But it works for them, and I love the drum blasts that I’m getting right here at the end. Not something I would expected, but neither would I have seen such on odd mixture of doom, noise and whatever else they’ve conceieved. Are those ghosts? Whatever the case, this definitely worked for me and I’d equally recommend it to you.

Thy Grave – Anhedonia (2013) – Frightening doom with a demonically harsh vocal approach that I find to be much in my favor, there’s definitely something unique to be had here. The album mostly focuses on terrfying doom with what sounds like a tortured frontman, but there are some noise experiments in a handful of areas. Thy Grave are definitely the most metal tinged in this set though, so if you’re looking for something truly aggressive from this label, then look no further. Seriously folks, this one is truly grueling. You’ll love it. It even contains two covers from Terminator 2 and Loinen.

Torf/Sixpackgods/Thy Grave – Addicted Blues (2018) – A three way split between doom and stoner tinged bands, Torf offers up a familiar stoner sense that feels a bit psychedelic and even gets political in some areas while Sixpackgods offer up two solid stoner rock songs with a little bit of tribalism in the middle. I found “Speed Up Sister” to be a bit comical as the frontman has a caveman approach to the vocals, which fits the band very well. Thy Grave return for two more cuts, which I actually like more than anything I’d heard on Anhedonia. The music here sounds even more deprived, going for less of a warm doom vibe and more of a creepy Gothic vibe. Thy Grave could really stand out, if they chose to continue this style over what was featured in Anhedonia. Give me more evil sounding shit, guys – you’re more than capable of it. Admittedly odd to see an act as fearsome and depraved as Thy Grave here, but it makes the whole split worth it, in my opinion.

Pree Tone – Kiddy (2018) – Pree Tone create heavily melodic prog rock with stoner vibes, the best part about this album is when it goes into those far out realms that I lack weed for… wait a minute. I might just have some. (Looks around the house) Alright, so while I get to looking for weed, you guys sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing soundscapes produced on this extremely trippy experience that you’re probably going to need more than the weed I’m currently looking around for, in order to properly experience. I’ll bet that these guys were high when they wrote this stuff and those equally far out solos seem to solidify my point. Without question, the most psychedelic release here, you’ll love the euphoria of it all.


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