The Grim Lord’s Reviews: Bone Gnawer – Cannibal Crematorium (2015)

If you’re wondering what to expect from a band by the name of Bone Gnawer, then you might have happened upon this link by accident. If that’s the case, then please don’t click off this page, because it might just change your life. In any case, Bone Gnawer are one of the many great acts playing a brilliant sub-genre of heavy metal music known as death metal. But not just any death metal, mind you – as Bone Gnawer deal in all sorts of tribal atmospheres, bizarre vocal utterances and other strange occurrences which might indeed prove beneficial to your listening experience. Yet in addition to that, they also play furiously with a sound and style that matches pound for pound with their Swedish death metal influences. Entombed, Grave and Unleashed and more are all referenced here as in such classic cuts like “Chrome Skull 3:59” and the incredible tale of “Untold Story: Human Pork Bun 4:13” which would almost have to be played live. Keeping this in mind, there are also some quite powerful solos on the disc that help it to achieve that classic death metal quality that Bone Gnawer fans expect, along with memorable truckloads of gravel from frontman Kannibal Kam. The formula for the record is death and groove with hints of melody which is not unlike Revolting, another act of which I’m quite drawn to with this release. Not surprisingly, Revolting also came out with a new disc this year, so I would pick that one up as well, so that you’ll have two relatively solid death metal discs to jam to this month. There’s just something about classic death metal that I feel is by and large superior to most visages of brutal death and these guys certainly make that apparent here. Rancid Ronnie (guitars/bass) and Morbid Morgan (drums) might not be reinventing the wheel from a death metal standpoint, but they don’t need to either. Sometimes the music speaks for itself and there’s really no need to dive into it and explain every tiny section. Bone Gnawer make classic death metal and this is indeed a classic death metal disc. If you’re looking for heavier stuff, you’ll find it elsewhere. But as for me, I think I’m just going to sit here and jam with these Furious Old Cannibals. (If you get the reference there, then you’re definitely a product of my generation.) Cannibal Crematorium contains everything that I want from death metal and The Grim Tower definitely recommends it. Make no mistake, these guys are only going to get better from this point forward.

(11 Tracks, 42:00)




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