The Grim Lord’s Reviews: Entropy – Dark Clouds and Clarity (2015)

From the start of “Failure to Thrive 5:51” these guys could very well be a Nu-Metal act of sorts. As it continues, I’m hearing an awful lot of early Stonesour (before the prog influences) especially in the frontman’s vocal approach, which seems to borrow much from Corey Taylor. Now regardless of what we want to think about Corey and his giant Hello Kitty pillow (go read about that) today, we definitely have to consider his influence in the world of modern heavy metal. The three songs comprised here use many of the same sets of down-tuned bass riffs, background grunts and an all-around similar style that seems like it would be good for a Stonesour replica of sorts. At least during the band’s debut, which was my personal favorite (and still a record I come back to often, with the exception of the droll “Bother.”) of the collection thus far, with the latter two being a close tie-in (I think the new Stonesour material is arguably much better than the last Slipknot has been.) I’m not sure what looms in these gentlemen’s future, but it may be in their best interest to deviate their sound far from that of the Stonesour/Slipknot variety. We’ve already got those and they did a great job, so either build upon the style or quit repaving the road. Show me something more – what can you do with this style that hasn’t been attempted yet? How will you call out to originality? How will you create Doom from Wolfenstein? This is what I want to hear.

(3 Tracks, 15:00)




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