The Grim Lord’s Reviews: Epoch Of Unlight – Foreshadows EP (2015)

Having seen these guys live at Arkansas Deathfest (review coming soon, I promise) I can undoubtedly assure you that the performance you’re witnessing within the confines of this small EP release is the same that you’ll expect on the stage. The band still commands an unparalleled sense of technicality, as you might remember from 2006’s The Continuum Hypothesis and the five songs presented here might sound a little rough, but this is definitely the same Epoch Of Unlight. The band’s previous vocalist, Jason Smith fronts the band for this one and he seems to do just as great a job as he did before. But B.J. Cook is definitely working on something new right now as I’ve been getting a few updates about it in my news feed as of late. Jason Smith and John Fortier show just as great a sense of musicianship here as they do on the stage, which provides what seems to be tens of thousands of unique melody combinations of which I could only compare to that of The Gallery era Dark Tranquillity. The record follows much of the same pattern throughout, but it’s something about this band that I just don’t think needs to ever change. At the end of the day, you’re getting a solid dose of heavily melodic and heavily technical death metal that also offers some fantastic solos and a strong vocal fronting from beginning to end. It’s not very long, but it doesn’t need to be. Foreshadows shows that an old act like Epoch Of Unlight has still got it and they sound just as good here as they have on some of their proudest moments. It’s a record that you can play several times over and feels like a nice appetizer while we wait for the largely anticipated main course. Definitely grab a copy of the record over at their Bandcamp page, where you can Name Your Own Price. It’s definitely worth a listen and Foreshadows great things to come!

(5 Tracks, 21:00)




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