The Grim Lord’s Reviews: Jason W. Walton – Mara (2015)

This offering from Agalloch bassist Jason W. Walton is much different than anything I would’ve expected from him, to be honest. It’s certainly not the kind of offering I would’ve seen him making during the period of The Mantle, but after the more atmospheric tendencies of the band’s last outing in The Serpent & The Sphere, this kind of composition seems almost natural. It’s most definitely not any kind of rock or metal output, instead leaning further towards that of a pure industrial atmosphere. You might compare it to something along the lines of Theologian or many of the other atmospheres I’ve reviewed over the past few years. This especially refers to “Alp 5:53” which makes me feel like I’m floating through space, even though there’s an obvious cybernetic sense, as if my biocomputer (you’ll have to forgive me as I’ve been reading a great deal of I/O lately) was being turned on so that I could perceive the digital landscape of Babylon. The work almost feels astral in a sense, as in the manner that’s it’s far removed from our plane of logic and rationality. It feels like a super-position in a sense, being neither here nor there entirely. As for the second track, “Yakshi 6:01” reminds me heavily of The Vomit Arsonist and if you’re reading this Andrew Grant, you definitely need to listen to this track as either you or your influences have inspired it. It feels as though I’m being pounded by a sharp magnetic windstorm, whilst Walton screams in the manner of “You’ve fucked up everything! Wake up!” during this assault. I can only wonder as to who this soapbox of thoughts was directed towards, as the static only heats up and becomes even more sporadic as the piece continues. If you’ve enjoyed practically any of the atmospheres I’ve reviewed from Malignant Records, then I’m quite sure that you’ll enjoy this one as well. It’s both calming and abrasive, with my only real question being… Will there be any more?

(2 Tracks 11:00)




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