The Grim Lord’s Reviews: Mercury’s Antennae – The Guides EP (2015)


This is a short EP release from Mercury’s Antennae, a two piece act consisting of Dru Allen on the vocals, with Erick T. Sheid handling everything else. The record was recorded during a recent tour and should serve as a worthy snack in between the band’s next release. It begins with an atmospheric intro, which sounds like wind chimes fluttering in the breeze amidst some other intriguing effects that only help to magnify the experience. Though short, it leads right into the first piece, “The Guides V.2 4:52” which seems to recall a little bit of Unto Ashes, Autumn’s Grey Solace or Mira. Allen’s voice is absolutely mesmerizing, which melds in perfectly with the throat singing (performed especially here by NetherThot LUKU) as she works to demonstrate a ritualistic atmosphere that I would find perfect for calming one’s nerves and aligning one’s spirit. A David Bowie cover of “Letters To Hermione 6:28” (which might be a song that inspired J.K. Rowling’s character of the same name) feels almost acoustic, and a bit sorrowful as a matter of fact. It definitely elicited an unexpected tear from me, despite the floaty electronic whirls in the background which seem to give it a slightly trippy vibe. An acoustic version of “Agalia 5:54” feels both dreary and beautiful, bringing forth a sort of dark beauty that I would only expect from the darkwave genre. It’s emotionally packed with a vocal depth that I absolutely cannot fathom. The final track on the album is “They Are With Us 11:09” which quite simply ends the album with a thick ritual atmosphere, quite like when Rhea’s Obsession really got going. It’s very deep, truly authentic and packs a punch right to your solar plexus. It feels like a meditation and this affirmation of the guides/guardians seems to make me feel at peace, whilst Allen whispers “they are with us.” Yes, they are truly with us indeed. Those looking for a memorable album of emotions and ritual will most certainly find it here, though I’ll bet that the band’s studio works are even more potent and mind-opening than what I’ve witnessed in this EP release.

(5 Tracks, 30:00)




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  1. erick

    THANK YOU for you beautiful review! means a lot. would you like a free 4 song cd single we sold on our latest tour?

    • Eric May

      Yes! Send me a message on our contact form and I would be more than happy to give you my mailing information. – Eric


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