The Grim Lord’s Reviews: Mindfall – Post-Apocalyptic Grind

These Finnish metallers started in 2014 and are comprised of young but experienced members. They’ve played in the likes of Darkcrowned, Nights In Somnia, Northern Legions, Ghosts Of Twilight, Vox Violentia, Chromatic Dark, Boneride, Requiem, Jack The Frost and several others. To be honest, there are probably about twenty bands between the five of these guys and they all seem to culminate with this project, which despite the title, is NOT a grind album. Instead, I guess I would put it closer to melodic death metal with a sense of groove and slight prog/technicality. Unfortunately for me, J. Aunola’s vocals seem rather boring and lack a sort of depth that I feel is necessary for the performance. Despite the fact that A. Aunola and J. Tonolen really seem to be bringing the goods as far as guitar work is concerned, I just feel that Aunola’s approach feels a bit weak and not even their impressive solos can save him. But I keep myself reminded that this is only their first EP of sorts and remember how many great bands started out with sub-par EP’s. To be honest, some of you might even like his thickly laid death metal growls and think I’m crazy. I just feel that there needs to be a little bit more firepower and emotional depth there. Even when listening to the mismatch that is “Shadows Grow Deep 4:17” is kind of obvious that these guys are still a work in progress and could potentially deliver some worthwhile stuff. Once again, the melodies are there and the drum patterns laid out by J. Huttunen are there, it just needs something more and I have a strange feeling that it will happen with the next one. Mindfall is not there yet, but I’m keeping them in mind, because I really want to see how this evolves during the next release. There’s a little bit of promise here and I think you’re going to notice that instantly. It just needs some of the bugs worked out.

(4 Tracks, 15:00)




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