The Grim Lord’s Reviews: Mindflair – Scourge Of Mankind (2015)

When I first turned this one on, I was immediately smashed into the wall by means of punk-fueled riffs, frantic scowls and rampaging percussion elements. We might as well call an orange an orange, making Scourge Of Mankind a definite grind record. There are certain low points in the groovier sections, but for most of the record you’re getting hit with what undoubtedly is a surefire grind experience from beginning to end. When you’re not hearing the harsh scowls, you’re hearing a form of hardcore shout which seems appropriate for the tone and style of the performance. There’s not a whole lot more to say about the recording, other than the fact that it is extremely rough-necked and ready to pound your face into the fucking pavement without a doubt. If you like your punk mixed in with groove, death and a little bit of thrash, then you’re going to devour this short and painful listen right up. I’ll commend them on adding enough grooves to contend with the fierce display at hand, but it’s still just a relatively decent, no-frills grind disc for me. These guys do it well, but there’s just not enough going on for me to consider it any higher. Grind fans however, will probably enjoy the hell out of it and that’s perfectly okay with me.

(13 tracks (25:00)




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