The Grim Lord’s Reviews: Of Earth and Sun – Uncoiled (2015)

A Colorado based project from a gentleman by the name of Derek Hunzenker, Of Earth And Sun truly manage to bring forth a sort of hypnotic darkness with this debut effort, Uncoiled. Now Uncoiled is a rather long listen, but it feels like a meditation that is better left whirling into your mind through the use of your headphones, then to be listened to in a room with speakers. I just don’t think you can get the same kind of feeling if you’re listening to this as you would an ordinary music CD. But that’s because Uncoiled is not a mere musical recording, it’s a hypnotic mantra that seems to ebb and flow with each piece. With titles like “Veil Of Illumination 7:52”, “Walk Of The Black Snake Uncoiled 7:36” and “Offering Of The Seven Limbs 8:47” we could either be talking about ritualistic black metal or the atmosphere of a deep ritual in general. It’s a record that requires patience and focus. It’s not meant to be catchy, nor is it something that one casually listens to. If you’ve got a copy of Uncoiled, then chances are that you’re trying to condition your mind in order to achieve something. I’m not sure what that is, but you do – and this is the kind of record that will help you through its vast moans, otherworldly textures and a soundscape that almost feels as if it’s coming from a higher plane. This dark and esoteric listen might not be for everyone, but those who choose to seek it out will be heavily rewarded. Once again, Uncoiled is definitely not a record made for casual listens and certainly wasn’t made for the casual listener. You have been forewarned.

(9 Tracks, 69:00)




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