THE GRIM TOWER REVIEWS: Caustic Method – The Virus (2015)


Caustic Method – The Virus (2015) – Someone must have found out I was a fan of Nu-Metal (it got me into the heavier stuff, don’t judge) because they sent me this badass Nu-Metal act by the name of Caustic Method. Let me tell you something folks, when I’m looking for Nu-Metal, I’m looking for something with a lot of crunch, groove and vocal fury. That’s what these guys deliver and it’s what I want from the genre. Maybe the songs aren’t completely different from each other, but the record as a whole offers a more simplistic vibe that’s focused on nothing more than pure, unadulterated rage.

Early American Head Charge, Primer 55 and Drowning Pool come to mind as well as current Coal Chamber. As a matter of fact, I actually dug this album more than Rivals and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I’m really picky with this kind of shit, because it’s where I cut my teeth and I still dig it even up into my thirties. Once again, the formula isn’t exactly spectacular, but it brings me back to the days when it didn’t need to be. I’m hearing punishing grooves, a pissed off vocalist who sometimes raps in harsh vocals (Like J-Mann from Mushroomhead) and even some pretty good rock solos. I mean, The Virus is the kind of record that I can dig now just as much as I could back then.

It’s not a very long record, but it packs a punch and gives me the hope of a resurgence. You might make fun of Nu-Metal now, but is it really worse than the emo stuff that came after it? You can give me a meat and potatoes approach like this any day before I’ll even touch a record from an act like Eskimo Callboy and Falling In Reverse.

In my opinion this is one of the fieriest and most unhinged Nu-Metal efforts that I’ve heard in a long time. I think even the band will be taken aback by the score I’m going to give this one, but that’s due to the sheer fact that it’s hard to find this genre done right anymore. In my interview with Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber, he mentioned that a lot of people who play in Nu Metal bands will ask him to check out their demos.

Well, maybe this self-titled effort is one that he’ll need to put a “priority” sticker on top of, because they just completely slaughtered his band’s new record. And trust me, this is something that I know way too damned much about. I wish these guys the best in the future and definitely hope that this isn’t the last thing I’ll ever hear from them.

(10 Tracks, 29:00)




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