THE GRIM TOWER REVIEWS: Charming Timur – For The Duration of Psychiatric Treatment (2015)

Charming Timur – For The Duration of Psychiatric Treatment (2015) – Sometimes things fall onto the backburner like Charming Timur. But that doesn’t mean the mix of alternative/modern metal, shoegaze, post black metal and experimental electronic weirdness in play here isn’t worth checking out. Why, we wouldn’t even be reviewing it if it wasn’t worth a listen.

Suffice it to say that I found this one man project quite interesting, with its mix of heavy industrial elements, bizarre atmospheres and enticing clean vocal landscapes. Lauri Santeri Lohi doesn’t have the most amazing voice, but he certainly tries to balance out more accessible material in the vein of “Fly With Me 4:02” and “You Can’t Handle This (In A-Major) 4:29” with such extremities as “Armed For A Schoolday 3:50” and “Illness 5:52” making for a really awkward sounding release.

Once again, the clean vocals might stand out as little much for some and I understand that, but looking at the record as a whole, there’s definitely talent and promise to be had within this rather short listen. The record caught my ear and that in itself should say something. If you like electronics and clean melodies sitting beside abrasive industrial landscapes, then you’re certain to find something here. Give it a listen, you just might enjoy it.

(10 Tracks, 45:00)




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