THE GRIM TOWER REVIEWS: Neck Of The Woods – Neck Of The Woods (2015)

Neck Of The Woods – Neck Of The Woods(2015) – When you start out an album with a solo, that’s definitely a sign of good things to come and Neck Of The Woods are one of the very few promo records that I remember from the first listen. Unfortunately on this second listen, I’m trying to remember what it was that I found so interesting. It’s true that these guys throw prog and groove together like a peanut butter and whip cream sandwich (that actually sounds good right now) but there’s a lot of stony monotony on the vocal end. We have the grunts and gravel, which just seem to follow along with the grooves. So basically, it’s grunt, gravel, groove and a little bit of technicality and prog. It kind of reminds me of old metalcore, just without the clean vocals (which are a good thing) which makes it meatier than an Arby’s meat mountain (which can fucking kill you by the way) and beefier than one of Hardees’s thick burgers. Actually, to describe this thing, I’m going to need about twenty pounds of meat, which I’ll roll into a great big glob and then sprinkle more meat on top of. Then I’ll have to serve that meat with more meat as a side dish and meat as an appetizer. It’ll have to be served with a large goblet of gravy, which will help to wash it all down perfectly. You have to really love meat to handle life in the their Neck Of The Woods, which is what these intelligent stone golems seem to offer with their thick and pleasantly profound mixtures. Though I think I’m going to drop the joke for a second and really close in on a notable moment in the album closer “Two Smokes 7:23.” There are some truly memorable leads used on the track, not to mention the instrumental beginning, showing that they could really have something if they had held back on all the beef. Nevertheless, they seem accomplished enough to make a big name in the scene and should very well do so with this release. Chow down!

(6 Tracks, 28:00)


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