THE GRIM TOWER REVIEWS: Nepente – I Will Get Your Soul (2015)

Nepente – I Will Get Your Soul (2015) – Hailing from Columbia, these death/black metallers know exactly how to offer a beating with this short, but devastating EP. As the title track demonstrates, the band has the uncanny ability to switch from pounding death metal to harsh scowling moments that reference death metal. In all honesty, I’m reminded of Kataklysm’s In Shadows and Dust which saw the band in a much fiercer light than their current hot sauce selling days. There’s also quite a lot of melody in play here too, making me think that these guys really have their shit together and want to offer up a memorable experience with each and every track. “Show Me That You Are Suffering 4:56“, “Gray Land 4:47” and closer “Last Rites 5:44” all seem to offer the same atmosphere, with the latter being the utmost heaviest approach that you’ll hear from them on this disc. Make no mistake, folks. I’m absolutely enthralled with this little EP and I’d be more than willing to hear more like this on a full-length. These guys haven’t put a disc together since 2012, but I Will Get Your Soulmarks one hell of a fucking comeback. I’ve never heard an EP kick so much ass this year. These guys might actually be able to one-up the actual fucking In Shadows and Dust album with their next album, that’s testament to how literally fucking great this EP sounds. I Will Get Your Soul is a truly tasty appetizer that literally has me drooling for the next release… I mean drooling. Get your hands on this right now, as we at The Grim Tower highly recommend it!

(4 Tracks, 20:00)


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